Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The Mammals are going to be making a online comic telling the story of The Meatlocker.

The comic will actually be populated with folks right here in Chicago, and will be predate the production of The Meatlocker projected for mid 2009.

I've been making a lot of visuals for our current production Clay Continent, and whereas I am really pleased with how those images are evolving, I would like to attempt something else stylistically for The Meatlocker images. Here is my first go at it. What do you think?


Paul said...

I think there's enough decent comic book artists in Chicago that you could reasonably make a pitch for one of them (or many, like the last Satanstorm issues of The Invisibles) to do the drawings.

They might want to be compensated.

But if you're looking for free, they might be able to point you toward some hungrier talent.

Devilvet said...

So Paul, is that a thumbs down on the image?

I have worked with illustrators before Sean Hopp, Patrick McCarthy, and Kevin Ortinau

But, I am interested in actually the DIY thing. For me, it is about embracing a medium that I love and have always wanted to be a part of since I was a akid, as well as an opportuniyt to explore imagery and compositional options before actually staging the piece.

Besides Considering the scope of the project, there is no one I can think of hungry enough to do it

Fremodada said...

I think its a cool approach. Based on the Clay Continent work you've done, I have a personal preference for the less abstract ones you've done - taking the photos and mixing in the textures and colors works for me. The one of Utterson with the more pronounced highlites was a little less my taste (I tend to prefer less "pop").

Paul said...

The images aren't bad, don't get me wrong. But I think that your strengths are in writing and directing. Playing to those strengths, then, and finding someone who has strengths in illustration could lead to results that take your vision further. In addition, the collaboration could benefit your company in the long-run.

Do what you gotta do, of course. But I look at the folks that you post up for FTTW and I see what Meatlocker *could* look like. Let the writers write and the illustrators illustrate, I say.

Devilvet said...

@ Paul

Well, if I could get an artist who would

a) compose the picture the way I want
b) be generally awesome
c) Commit to the project which will probably end up being graphic novel in length
d) understand I have no money to give them, but still would have deadline for getting the stuff on the blog etc..oh yeah and agree that any proceeds from the sale of grpahic novel would be used to pay the Mammals bills...

Then I would totally agree with you. All kidding aside, I get what you're saying...and heck that worked for the the 1 sheet comics in the past. But, well ya know...I cant budget more for the comic than for the upcoming production...and getting a visual artist on this I think would be out of my budget.

Paul said...

What about something more like "Stardust", with illustrations a-plenty but not with comic design?

I could *really* see that happening, on the cheap, with payout on the back-end as a stipend-style portion of sales should this be released in TP form.

But again, that would require collaboration and possibly compromise on your part... and from your comments I get the feeling that's a deal-breaker.

Devilvet said...

Well, One of the reasons I like doing this in Comic Book form is becuase of the genre, the visuals, the storyboard, so having illustrations might be great if the goal were a publication of the *script* amplified with illustrations...but the goal here instead is the week by week posting of a comic strip in the hopes of drawing an audience into the characters and situations before the production goes up...

Sort of like putting up key scenes online and then ...to see the rest of the show...come see The Meatlocker at this Chicago Theatre Venue...

I see value in what you're saying, Paul, I just don't know if that's the road I'm on.