Friday, April 11, 2008

What is Next?

What's next? I keep asking myself, what is next?

Well, I am not yet going to commit to producing The Meatlocker until I give it a go at the submission circuit. However, I do want to do something with it, so I think there will be two things Meatlocker related.

1) I am going to create a Meatlocker Comic Book Online and in Print for the Mammals. I will actually cast the comic book with actors I know in Chicago Photograph them and then create a photoshop document in a similar vein to the images I've been making of the current cast in Clay Continent.

2) I am going to create a Meatlocker podcast as well. Various actors doing a radio version of the play.

3) There are 3 scripts right now that I am considering for the Fall...Breed With Me, Devils Don't Forget, or Mexican Wrestling Macbeth.

4) There are scripts that have yet to be finished...Among them Seven Snakes and Hogzilla.

5) Self Publishing

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