Thursday, May 22, 2008


I can never get enough Harry Crews. He is dark, he is troubled, he has the power to repel and frighten. But, he is honest. He has power. And he shows us, in detail, a side of life that many refuse is valid, even if the dishwashers and ditch diggers (and occasional college professors) of the world are stuck waist deep there. I am always thankful for a writer like Crews because in a weird sort of way he lived out the sorts of experiences I want to fantasize about, but never actually have. There is a distance that clean living and monetary stability provide that usually steers you clear of the rough sort of charliehorse and limp that existence throws at men like Crews. And, I have mostly found that so long as they don't think you are staring at them like an ape at the zoo, they can be generous, magnanimous, and appreciative of a beer and an eager ear listening in.

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