Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lights rise on a dark room, a man clears his throat and says...

My aspirations to be a Part time Dramatist/ Part Time Graphic Novelist

Well, I have been tooling away at the photoshop on images from our closing night photo shoot...trying to come up with a design motif for the Clay Continent Graphic Novella that is

a) Black and White, alot cheaper to publish in B&W
b) Different from the latest images I have been working on. The Black and White images with touches of red...That style I'm very happy with and will be the look applied to the Meatlocker Comic this fall.
c) Something that is a tilt of the hat to some of my graphic heroes, like Frank Miller, Ashley Wood, and Mike Mignola without being a total mimic of them...(turning out to be the hardest of my goals)

I have come up with 2 posters that I feel are solidly ready. I'm waiting to distribute them until I've got the whole narrative mapped out. I also have been combing for all sorts of creative common images that can populate the book. You know lightposts and alleyways and weapons and other terrible things to put into the hands of Jekyll and Hyde and Utterson.

While conceiving the storyboards, I am stuck by the way certain narrative devices that work to forward the story in the performance need to be either amplified, diminished, or just disregarded in the story board. Perhaps that goes without saying, but it is those sort of truisms I find my mind landing on while breaking from the work with a cup of coffee.

Could I so immersed in this project if it weren't for all this new fangled technology? Could I even entertain the notion of one day publishing this graphic novel without having a program like photoshop and the eyes of the world's amateur photographers at my disposal? The answer is I am staying on the shoulders of giants, and at the same time rolling around in the web with other imagistic enthusiasts. The process is alot like rehearsal. Tons of joy when the image rocks. Some frustration when I can't get all the layers of pixels to behave the way I want.

I am having a ton of fun. At the same my admiration for those who call themselves designers and do it well is growing exponentially.

I am also anxiously awaiting the images shot by Michael Brownlee. With his permission I may incorporate some of his compositions into the final Grpahic Novella.

Thoughts on getting along with other theater/artist types in a digital world.

So Scott attempted to smooth over as well as widen everybody's perspectives on the sort of Dust Ups that frequently appear in his comments and are also frequently starring either yours truly or Don Hall with occasional seasoning from Nick Faccarro.

So, I spent alot of time combing those comment sections thinking up terrible ways to make my rebuttals. Let me take some time here not to flatter anyone (which I totally agree with Nick happens more often than not...that is from his comment in the comments at Theatre is Territory) It is natural, everybody wants to hear good nice supportive things about themselves and a great way to bait such a response is to say nice supportive things about others. I took Scott's bait (whether he laid it out for me or not).

First of all, regardless of what you think of the tribal model paradigm, I applaud Scott's dedication to concept. With the sort of single mindedness of John Henry, Scott keeps laying down tracks to his goal, whether those tracks are leading there...I don't know. My level of doubt and/or belief in his goals shifts with the wind and which side of the metaphorical bed I got up on. And to Scott's credit, he absorbs the criticisms, the uses them, the diligently tries to answer them, and he doesn't give up even when the argument isn't converting the most vocal monkeys on his back. He risks alot, and withstands alot. I often ask myself if this were say a Mammals production we were talking about rather than Mr. Walter's attempt at a new production paradigm, would I be able to sustain such rigorous deconstruction in so public a forum and for such an extended period of time. It is a tough road. But to his credit, Scott "carries his own water" and has done so for years. Whereas, I wouldn't call Scott Moses or Obi Wan (I'm looking at you in a frowny way Mr. Walters)...I would say that his efforts do have a whiff of the heroic to them

Yeah, sometimes he calls me an asshole. I don't deserve it half as much as he lets on, but I do deserve on occasion. Don calls me an asshole on an almost daily. I get over it really fast. If it reallyreally hurts, I just call Don and ask him to read some of Scott's writings in the worst North Carolinian accent always cheers me up.

That last sentence is my assholish way of aways attempting to not take us all too seriously. I'm not saying we shouldn't stop dreaming and striving all in our own ways, but lets admit that even the worst of us rarely has it as bad as most of the human race right now or through history. No matter how big your last house was, you aren't half as bad off as the thousands of tons of humanity out there that live their daily lives with about as much hope and dignity as half eaten hamburger in a landfill.

My way to deal sometimes is to type and talk sometimes a little too much like Don Rickles (the later years please) I know that it can rub people the wrong way. But, as Scott intimates you don't have to bridge down the bridge with me just because this cat claws the sofa of your vision. And to anyone out there, if you think I cross a line, you can tell me...I always attempt to remedy such a scenario just ask Ian and our tug of war about (gulp) Community.

In the long run, I guess what I'm saying is is that today right now...I am thankful for all the folks out there in the blogosphere, be you a misunderstood auteur with a lot of mileage, a misunderstood theorist, etc...etc...

But for me and my house....we'll sent you the occasional "greeting card" the occasional "bag of dog poop" but also we'll send you sincere questions, comments, aggravations, rebuttals, rebukes, applause, the whole gambit (sp?).

So, let the growling recommence!

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