Tuesday, May 06, 2008

On Scott Walter's Closing

Well Mr. Walters has decided it is time to put his energies elsewhere for the time being. He will be focusing more on the ning rather than staging bloody naval battle reenactments with me and Don. And maybe it is for the best.

I guess that means Don is going to have to start picking fights with George Hunka. I look forward to that...(wink strumming violin in a Henny Youngmen fashion)

But seriously folks, I am attempting to ask myself now that my weekly wrestling match is no longer available to me, what I have learned from time spent talking, debating, etc with Scott.

One thing I know I've learned is that we all even when we think we have consensus, don't always agree about the very best way to discuss and debate our ideas on theatre, politics, economy, etc.

It is easy too easy (I am admonishing myself too whether you all think it is sincere) in fact for us to focus on the things that divide us.

I have to admit that I'll push aside a half dozen compliments to stand toe to toe with a perceived sleight. It seemed to suit some of us, even if it didn't suit us all in the blogosphere. But, I would have to be thick not to see that there has to a be path somewhere between the polar opposites of provocation and cheerleading.

But I don't think that discounts some of the explanation/apology that I or Don or Scott has written about our back and forth. There were some not so pretty moments that made the readers wince, but there was value as well. I know that some of you who check me out think I can be too abrasive, some of Scott's readers felt that he got beat on too much by myself. But, Scott rarely felt that way.

But, I've also learned that if I'm going to take part in this community I need to have the ability to confront but also to listen and to exercise a hint (but only a hint mind you) more discretion when engaging my fellow bloggers. I value you all. I value Scott and he will be missed by me as much if not more than most.

However, in typical summer blockbuster fashion I see a blogger look up toward a clear blue sky and say "I don't think that's last we'll be seeing of him"

p.s. irony of ironies...this very same day, my access to Blogger during the daytime is no longer. So, I still welcome your comments and criticisms but they will appear at the end of each day. I will miss the immediacy of comments during the day, but perhaps this will be a blessing. Perhaps having to wait until the end of day to read and respond will make me a better more patient blogger. Anyway I wanted to let you who read know why if you don't see your comments appear until after 5pm CST.


Scott Walters said...

OK, while appreciate the kind words, let's not go crazy. I didn't shut down the blog because the arguments got too heated, I shut it down because I was just repeating the same thing ad nauseum, which is boring for everybody involved. When Nick, who likes a good brawl more than most, is sighing in your comments box, it is time to hang up the gloves. But the fact is that the three of us, with a few notable exceptions such as Mike Lawler at ecoTheatre, were just about the only ones providing any energy in the theatrosphere, which has become a polite, self-satisfied home for production publicity, and apparently a really good place for bloggers to get jobs working together. If you and Don let the theatrosphere settle into somnambulism, I will personally come to Chicago and punch you in the taint. (I had no idea what a taint was until the past few week, and I still have no idea how you actually punch somebody there.) Anyway, don;t let the take-away for my departure be that everybody should be nicer to each other.

Anonymous said...

Who do we have to thank for introducing the term "taint" into the discussion...?

Oh wait I think I know who (wink to Don)

Mac said...

What a horrible, terrible thing! The internet, perverted into a vile cesspit where artists openly meet one another and decide to create art together! That definitely deserves a Level 10 burst of sneering condescension!

I'm sorry, are horrible, abusive arguments now the equivalent of vitality? The making of art now counts for nothing? Does everybody endorse this? Seriously.

Tony Adams said...

does waiting till the end of teh day help with robster craws? If so I shoudl try the same . . .

Devilvet said...

Well I am confused. Yesterday my station told me I couldnt access this site during the day...now I can...so lets juts say heads up in the future...dont be upset dear reader if you post doesnt appear until after 5pm...

However, Tony...Robster Claws is vety vert nad wiyh y0u.

Mac...I just wrote this long response that got deleted when I attempted to log in as myself rather than sign an anon comment...

The short answer to "The making of art now counts for nothing? Does everybody endorse this? Seriously."

the short answer is no I am not endorsing that in way you phrased it...I will post a longer response later...hopeful before the end of the day...if not certainly by tonight

Scott if you respond in the comments to mac it may take a bit before it appears...for the next day or two at least lets all assume I could lose access to the blogger site at any minute.


RVCBard said...

and I talk about something like this on our blogs.