Thursday, May 22, 2008

Optimism is the New Black, Favorite Thing(s) This Week

Do you have optimism regarding the future of our artistic endeavors? If so, why? how?

Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness...right?

Are we holding on to notions of presentation, notions of theatre that once transcended would enable us to experience a degree of liberation unparalleled?

Soon we will all be turning off our TVs because TV is too slow. So, if TV is too slow...What about theatre?

If we think of ourselves as storytellers rather than just theater makers... what do we have to gain?

Here is your empty space,
your black sheet,

your white bull (ala Hemingway)
What will you make with it?

Art by Peter Callesen

Next Week at

The continuation of Is It Worth the Risk? - Documenting Creative Process. We'll turn our attention from popular music to the quintessential avantist of our age and ask if and how the revelation of process assists this artist.

Also Don Hall and myself will attempt to discuss the process of his directing my monologue in WNEP'S RAW, an evening of short scenes and plays (closing next Tuesday 27th. Click here for info.)


Scott Walters said...

I am optimistic for several reasons. First, I think we are in the midst of a huge social transformation that is shifting our focus to the local, to participation in the community, to involvement in relationship -- all of which connect to theatre's strengths. Next, I think that theatre artists are beginning to reconsider the modernist alienation from the audience and instead investigate other ways of interacting and relating, which will lead to formal experimentation and an expansion of subject matter.

Devilvet said...

Someday soon Scott it might be interesting for us to talk more about that notion of modernist alienation.

I am optimistic that more and more people will come to realize that alienation is not synonymous with avant garde or auteur perspective.

And that as folks, both artist and audience, realize this... it enables immensity of creativity, conversation, and expression in both the distant metropolis and the familiar hometown. Decentralization coupled with Diversity of expression unimagined by the pre-circuit board generation.