Saturday, May 17, 2008

Question : Web Design - Blog Design

Question -

Does anyone know of any online resources regarding web design layouts/content? Of course, I've done the google thing, but sometimes a suggestion from another can really help aim an inquiry in a very positive way.

There is lots of places online, but I wondered if anyone had specific sites they have come across that discuss these elements...places where folks discuss how best to draw a web audience in once they happen upon your blog? Virtual Blogoverse architectural concepts and experiments...


Nick Keenan said...

Opinions are like... well, you know.

There are no easy answers, but of course Seth Godin has some good general "if you do this, people will probably think this..." type of marketing tips. They're also more down to earth and tend to resonate more anyway.

For the site itself, there's the excellent philosophy of web design site A List Apart. Again, it probably won't give you practical tips, but it will open up the behind-the-scenes debates and arguments of web design fundamentals and the ethical questions involved behind some of the newer technologies. I've made a lot of my half-baked web design decisions based on those questions.

Tony Adams said...

copyblogger is pretty good one. Has info both on copy and design/layout is another useful one, though it is geared towards the Joomla CMS