Monday, May 26, 2008

Who is Talking Process?

I'm be remiss not to mention that this site is very interesting. I hope it's a direction many more of us will investigate as we direct, produce and write.

Kudos to Issac Butler and Dan Trujillo for opening up and sharing the art.

If you, dear reader, are talking process on your it theatre, comics, etc... let me know.


RVCBard said...

*raises hand*

Devilvet said...

Somebody's bein' eeeeeeeeager.

I was thinking about you, and if I was going to say something, it is nicer if you don't ask for it....

All kidding aside...RVC is definitely talking through her process. And process ideas. (DV claps and winks with enthusiasm).

Devilvet said...


P.S. I think I'm finally getting a beat on you. I did think as soon as I posted this..."I'll bet RVC raises her hand in the next day or two"


RVCBard said...

I figure it works better than grunting and flinging poo. Although I like to do both from time to time.