Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who wants/needs a 32 hour day to get things done?

Whoever said that there aren’t enough hours in the day was right! Are you all noticing the same pattern I do? The recent popularity of posts about how hard it is to set realistic goals and meet them when it comes to life, art, blogging…

Our Collective We has a great deal of dreams and visions. How are we going to get them all done before our physical matter gives way to its expiration date? I think the only thing to do is keep trying, keep persevering.

I remember while I was growing up, even though I knew I was going to eventually graduate from school, get a driver’s license, move from home…I couldn’t imagine achieving those things. It seems trivial now, but each of us has during our time here on planet earth experienced similar anxiety. I remember thinking that even getting a job or writing a resume seemed so gargantuan. But, if you're lucky enough to move through enough living without burning off your fingers and toes, some of the goals that you set for yourself (or that life set for you) ...they get taken care of. Even if there aren’t enough hours in the day to go to school, do your homework, get to rehearsal, eat dinner with the family, file your taxes, apply to college, fill out your selective service forms, practice driving…you somehow did it.

Call no man or woman happy till they are dead. OK, but what do I call them in the meantime? Call them optimistic. Even the man wearing a frown can still have optimism.


Alright - Back to not enough time in the day?!!!

So Wednesday, I'll finally drop the first of a six part series of articles meant to encourage those who want more relevant content about your art, your process. Originally it was going to be one big long article, but the essayist in me is interested in going into more detail then I had planned initially. So that means I'll compartmentalize my subjects and take a little more time with each. The primary goal of this series is to give anyone out there who is interested in documenting process...well...here's a little ammo that you can use to convince collaborators who aren't yet decided whether or not it is a valuable risk.

The individual articles will ruminate on either a popular artist or avantist who through various media let the audience spectate process. I'll attempt to identify risk but also elucidate the benefit.

So, Wednesday we'll start with a Heavy Metal Documentary that exposed more process and pain than maybe any of us might every truly wish to, but by so doing, perhaps extended the careers of its subjects a good decade.

See you Wednesday

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