Thursday, June 12, 2008


Josh Keyes has glimpsed the coming dystopia... and so much more.


Paul Rekk said...

As an Iowan, I'm deeply offended by the inclusion of these images on your blog.

I kid, of course, but I have spent the past week staring at images of towns where I lived for 3 months and 4 years (Iowa City and Waverly, respectively) under foot upon foot of water in places. I only vaguely remember the infamous Flood of '93 -- which I'm learning is only infamous to Iowans -- but the '93 wasn't compounded with a record-setting year for tornado-related deaths like '08.

I've been saying it for going on years now, but something big is going down. Mother Nature's pissed at the world.

Devilvet said...

When I saw the cover of I immediately thought about this post and you. I hope your people are ok and that they haven't fallen prey to shark attack in the muddle of Iowa.