Monday, June 09, 2008

What does the future hold fellow theatrospherians?

First off, I'm begging you to go check out this week's installment of Clay Continent over at It stars a certain Angry White Guy that everybody loves to hate. If you like the Mammals, or Horror, or think it is cool at all...then subscribe to the feed! back to ....
This week at

The continuation of the interview/discussion between Don Hall and DV regarding process and the short play Indeterminacy recently produced as part of the WNEP RAW (Click here to read part one).

We talked last week about antagonism and villainy within the theatrosphere. Don Hall suggested that if we talk about villainy, why not discuss Heroism. I think he was being ironic. However, this week we'll be posting about Heroism within this theatrosphere and whether or not it is truly achievable.

I've got some great FavoriteThing(s)ThisWeek I've been sitting on for far too long.

This Friday we will close the week with some proposals for mp3, voicemail, and podcasting as a potential methodology for bloggers to collaborate despite their location on the globe. BTW Keenan has a post about audio that is pretty fascinating stuff.

And who knows if there is anytime left over maybe I'll be able to post Part 3 or my continuing series - Is It Worth the Risk? Documenting Creative Process.

It is only Sunday and my fingertips are already bleeding!

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Scott Walters said...

Wow, dv! This sounds like a great lineup! I am heading to Denver Wedensday, but I am trying to arrange to take a laptop with me so I can keep up with your developing ideas. You're doing a great job!