Monday, June 16, 2008

Who Needs A Vacation? Really?

I was all set to put up my post today on collaboration, but my fingers and the keyboard of my new computer weren't feeling all that collaborative. So when I thought I was copying and pasting, I was instead irreparably erasing the post. Let that be a lesson to oneself to never compose posts via Gmail again. Always use Google Documents. Anyway, I have most of it in the noggin still so it will make it's way here very soon. However, I am taking this incident as a ... happy accident.

Spring is over. Summertime begins! (a voice from the distance yells "Hey DV! It already begun bud!") I know. I know.

April saw the return of my company, The Mammals, to Chicago stage. Don, myself, and many WNEPeers spent the month of May partaking in an event called RAW. Then beach season kicked off with Mr. Walters closing shop temporarily and returning most recently. Since then, I felt compelled to amp up my content and to encourage others to do so too.

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Over the past month, I have been typing away diligently in an attempt to create relevant content that gave value to those readers with whom I share affinities. It is exhausting but rewarding work. I have begun to learn more about sharing of ideas, social media, new methods and tools for communicating and networking.

I have also been quite inspired to attempt to discover and use some of these tools to create new methodologies for collaborating and creating artistic content. I have been working on the Clay Continent Graphic Novel of course. I have also started using Twitter as a tool for creating story, you can look here for an example of my experiments in Twitter fiction. I am excited, but also very tired. So many projects swimming in my head, so many pages both paper and virtual that have been starred or dog earred.

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I need some time to reflect, to figure out the ways in which I'm directing my active energies through the end of the Summer and into next year. Sometimes reflection happens between the ears rather than between the fingers and the keys.

And to top it all off... I'm away to a conference for the day job to be followed by time offline hanging with my folks in Florida.

It seems that this is the opportune time to take a little blogging vacation. So, I'll be offline most of the time from the blogosphere from June 20th till the July 4th weekend. I'll try to check in, but cant guarantee (the conference I'm going to is at a swank resort and they like to charge for internet like 20 cents per half minute of usage... ridiculously expense to even check your email). I've got a few posts pre-scheduled (mostly FavoriteThingsThisWeek posts) automated during this bit of digital rest, and I'll be keeping up with the webcomic schedule for Clay Continent... but I wont have daily access to the internet and any comments may sit in my email box a little longer than usual.

Some things to look forward to when I return and through the remainder of the summer

  • Continuation of Process talk as well as Part 3 of my talk with Don Hall about directing my short piece Indeterminacy.
  • Investigation into Nationwide theatrical/narrative Collaborations
  • Storyboards for the Mammals next Theatrical/Graphic Endeavour The Meatlocker
  • A sexy and more functional layout for the blog (I'm hoping)
  • Lots, lots more!!

See you all after the 4th!


RMcB said...


Looking forward to seeing you here in sunny Florida. I've dusted off your shuffle board apparatus and Clyde, Marvin (and that old guy with the black toupee and the gouiter) say they are ready to "kick your butt." There's "all-you-can-eat" at the country club on Tuesdays and I have us down for 18-holes on the links next Wednesday at 3:00 (right after my nap). Bring your Mylanta...the little misses will be cooking!!


Scott Walters said...

A break does wonders for the creativity. Enjoy!