Monday, July 14, 2008

Collaborative Writing Exercise Utilizing Twitter

Twitter Theatre Exercise 1

Step One - Identify 1 to 3 other members of the Twitter community to participate

Step Two - Write a logline for a short scene. Supplement the logline with a location as well as list of dramatis persona

Step Three - Let the 2 to 4 individual Twitter members begin writing dialogue for the scene.

Now, it is important to use the same sort of approach one does to Improvisation on Stage. Listen and use all the information the other Twitts are supplying you with.

This is most definitely a "Yes, and..." type of exercise. the goal is not to write Pulitzer Prize Winner Short Play. Rather, you should be attempting to generate ideas, brain storm, practice dialog.

The result will be messy...yes. But, you will learn how to shape and mold and create online with more and more ease as you progress and find enthusiastic fellow participants.

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