Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Collaborative Writing Exercise Utilizing Twitter

Twitter Theatre Exercise 2
Goal - Generating Narrative Ideas

Step 1 - Find a fellow Twitt whom you believe to have an understanding of your preferred style/goals/genre.

Step 2 - Ask he/she two generate 2 lists for you. The First list should be 10-20 nouns they believe to be indicative of your style/goals/genre. The Second List should be 10-20 verbs with the same guidelines as the the Noun list.

Step 3 - You generate similar lists for yourself and your fellow Twitt

Step 4 - Using the lists you and your fellow Twitt wrote for specifically for you, write as many sentences/loglines as possible utilizing at least one noun and one verb from the list. You should aim for at least 2 or 3 nouns per sentence as possible.

Now, perhaps this seems too random for you...however, I have found that if I sit down and just start writing a list of words (words alone mind you) often times the sort of subjects and actions that I am interested in will spring to the forefront of my mind and end up on the page.

Also, utilizing the list another Twitt writes for you, stretches the possibilities. It gets nouns and verbs that you might not have readily thought of in front of you. And, if the fellow Twitt has a firm understanding of your artistic desires and content preferences, you may find ideas that weren't in your peripheral vision, but nonetheless still appeal to you.

The idea is to keep combining the words...until you think you have exhausted the possibilities of variation.

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