Thursday, July 24, 2008


This one is a little bit of a switch up from my usually FavoriteThing(s)ThisWeek fare. This time, I am spotlighting an online application called Wordweb.

This is perhaps my favorite free download of all time. As someone who tries desperately to be a writer, I am finding Wordweb almost indispensable.

You can Press Ctrl+Right Click on your mouse on any word of the screen, and Wordweb opens up and defines that word for you. I even use this app at my dayjob when trying to decipher medical terminology I'm unfamiliar with. And if you're reading some Scientific journals online or perhaps partaking in one of the more verbose blogs outthere...

Put plainly, it is just awesome.

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Tony Adams said...

I've been using a similar add on for firefox called Wikilook that works about the same. I love it.