Thursday, July 03, 2008

Manic Typing and Spell Check soon to Resume

So the Internet vacation is almost over. If I'm still on vacation, then why am I typing out this post right now? Well, it is going to be one of those slow at work day before 3 day weekend sort of days. Also, I need to get all the cobwebs out of my knuckles before I dive back into more full time blogging.

Firstly, taking a vacation from blogging is a great thing. Pent up tensions do crawl away after a few days offline. And this can help put things back into perspective. If you are one of those folks who believes that blog posting (different from reading or commenting) is a daily exercise...sometimes the pressure to maintain content, schedule, and relevance can be overwhelming.

Diligence and Indulgence can become difficult to separate. There is nothing wrong with the latter, but if you mistake it for the former you risk losing your relevance to the community. Art and activism and passionate expression can convolute intent. Momentary silence sometimes is essential to re achieve balance. But after the silence comes the sound, and I'm just about ready to start sounding off again.

Looking to the future? I hope so.

One day (very soon)...

we will all have web cams
using web cams will be as commonplace as the cell phone
intuitive design and increased familiarity with the technology will enable artists in new ways

The way we learned to tell story in school only informed us of how it was done in the past. And what's past is dead. We must identify the corpses in our spaces and get rid of them.

Our theatrosphere will only be an exciting place to visit if we look to the future just as much as we rehash the past.

This requires more than...

a deconstruction of NYLACHI
a revaluation of rural artistry
a commitment to excellence in storytelling

We have to analyze our chosen identities as theatre artists (I know not everyone who reads this blog are theatre artists...but all of us have commitments to personal identity that limit our potentiality)... we have to rebuilt

We have to use all this technology, contextually, all this amassed experience and knowledge and harness its benefit for both the artist and the audience.
We have to stop thinking about the dreams and methods of the previous generation.

We have to get over the word "Theatre"...or whatever word it is that you've tattooed to your flesh or your soul. We have to move past notions of specialization and compartmentalization and enable a legion of renaissance men. Anyone content to remain within one medium or who is content to express in merely one medium... they're....(gulp) they're soon to be irrelevant. In a world where viral videos are viewed more than stage plays or classics of world literature, the artist must be multi-lingual in multiple mediums.

This is what I'm preaching
This is what I hope to practice

My previous identity was as a theater artist and so there I will begin. But, if this is going to work it will require that I also reach out to others in other disciplines.

Enough spouting for today. I have to try to enjoy the remainder of this vacation. More on Monday.


Scott Walters said...

That may be what YOU have to do. What I have to do is:

a deconstruction of NYLACHI
a revaluation of rural artistry
a commitment to excellence in storytelling

Good luck with yours! Don't tread on mine! *L*

Scott Walters said...

That said, I agree with you about the multi-disciplinary and technological creativity that is necessary.

Devilvet said...

@Scott's first comment

-Chill Out.

@Scott's second comment

- This more than anything else we've discussed within the theatrosphere would help you achieve decentralization... I dont expect you to agree so I shrug my shoulders and go back on vacation for 3 more days