Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Who out there has motivational tips, gurus, guides...

Perhaps I should be ashamed to admit it, but I admire and often read motivational/self help/new business paradigm books to sort of recharge my batteries. Among artists and creative types, I have noticed a tendency to poopoo on such books as self evident drivel. But, quite to the contrary...I think they are very helpful and excellent tools.

That being said...If you agree then what do you red from this genre?

Tom Peters?
John Maxwell?
Tony Robbins?

I am rereading Today Matters and Thinking for a Change by Maxwell...and looking for authors who can get me thinking about new ways to lifehack for lack of a better term

Books, Websites, anything...

Please post recommendations


Tony Adams said...

Seth Godin's pretty damn good.

Scott Walters said...

Tom Peters -- Reimagine
Daniel Pink -- A Whole New Mind
Peter Block -- The Answer to How Is Yes

Laura said...

My comment disappeared into the ether someplace yesterday, I guess. I read the Zen Habits blog. For books, I like Thom Hartmann and Julia Cameron. Happy motivating!