Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life ... Odds and Ends ... Pay no attention... no wait pay attention

Well, I haven't been posting anything to profound lately. I didn't chime in on the whole HoTFA affair too much (I didn't see any opportunity to add something to the debate other than echoing previously stated opines)... Had a minor dusty with Scott over Fandom versus Community... And not much else aside from working on the graphic novel stuff.

It seems that Toronto is blowing up, and Keenan is posting again which is nice. I miss my daily entertainments of Scott and Don barking at each other from across the country (I know...I'm sick like that).

Also, I miss hearing more from Mac and James about their NYC shows. I've seen the PR, but I'd love some more in depth stuff (maybe It's out there and I'm missing the links?)...

The Baseball season's end is in sight and ESPN is more interested in talking Football which always means the end of summer is nigh. I must try to enjoy autumn as much as possible.

I need to focus on ways to expand time. It is contracting too much lately.


Metaluna closed. I was there. Joe, Don, and Jen and the rest were awesome. At the after party it was nice to have some folks talk favorably about the Meatlocker stuff they have seen.

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Scott Walters said...

I notice that nobody agrees with you about the Don vs Scott show...

I just cast my show today, and go into rehearsal Monday. I hope to post something about the Jill Dolan article, and my frustration with college theatre education, soon.