Thursday, August 07, 2008

Meatlocker Concept Art

Man, I had me a wonderful weekend. First off I slept most of Saturday, only taking a break from napping to ingest brunchy goodness and listen to a ball game. Then, Sunday I had the good fortune to work with some of my favorite people to begin pre-production "screen tests" for the Meatlocker Graphic Novel. I use the word screen test, a filmmakers term, because I'm not really sure what the comparable word is in photography.

Next Week I'll finally have some of my thoughts on how the process is unfolding. Right now I'm just playing with different styles in photoshop seeing if I can settle on a look I like that is different from the abstract style of the Clay Continent webcomic, also a look that allows caricature of the actors' faces and bodies but in which they are still immediately identifiable to people who've seen them before. This is something that sometimes is achieved during the Clay Continent comparisons, but not always and so long as clarity and story are maintained, I didn't mind. But, I do want the Meatlocker to be a showcase of these wonderful Chicago Actors, so there is an additional goal. Lastly, the whole thing has to look hardboiled/noir with small hints of horror/fantasy. A tall order? Maybe...

More on this next week

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Anonymous said...

I already sent in the art work for the CD.