Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Morning Post

Well, I've got some new Clay Continent stuff. Now that I've gotten past the character's introductions and opening monologues, we are finally getting into some narrative interaction between the characters. Every time I turn on the computer and start fiddling with the images in Photoshop it's new lessons learned, but I'm hoping that since we are now getting into the actually story... that folks' interest will renew.

This weekend we also had our first photo shoot for The Meatlocker. I can wait to start playing around with these shots we got. Major thanks to all the folks involved. Even though the release for the actually graphic novel for the Meatlocker will coincide with a opening of the show in 2009, I'll be sharing all sorts of Meatlocker related conceptual art and design as well as process talk about how we are making the book and the play.

That's about it for Monday (expect that I'm fed up with White Sox pitching)... had some bbq fun with my friends from the Right Brain Project...and go see Metaluna.

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