Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Want to be a part of the show!?!

Hello Fellow Theatrospherians!!! As many of you know, I'm currently in pre-production for THE MEATLOCKER. And, I need your help...

No...I'm not asking for money (yet...gulp)... I am asking for your FACES. I'm asking you all to collaborate with me.

Here's what I want... I want you to send me a couple digital photos (nice resolution) or your face or profile...to be used to populate the crowd scene during one of the boxing matches in The MEATLOCKER. If you have an stipulations about how I alter the photo...please let me know up front (Some faces will be made into caricature). click here for example.

So, photos of you screaming at the camera like you were screaming for Rocky Balboa. You can send them to devilvet at g mail . com.

And once I've got the panels up, I'll post them here and at themammals.blogspot.com as well as one of those maps so that we can all find Waldo in the crowd at the fight!

Here's an opportunity for all of us in a small way to collaborate on something small...and see if it'll lead to something big!!!

Thanks everybody!

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