Monday, September 22, 2008

Have You Ever Tricked Someone Into Viewing Your Art?

For example - Got some one to play a friendly hand of poker, only to realize that you have illustrated the face side of every card in the deck?

Suggested that someone come over for a beer, but then made them listen to a song you just wrote?

Been invited to a rolling skating rink only to realize it is a poetry recital on wheels?!!

Thought you were watching something lurid and dirty to suddenly final out your perceptions about something other than sexually gratification were being challenged?

Bit into a baked good only to find some sort of haiku inside?

Rather than Christmas Cards, send someone a red/white/and green colored manifesto?

offered burlesque titillation, but did a switcheroo and started talking about a woman's right to choose?

Have any of us ever done anything so consistently creative in how we drew an audience in? Total hucksterism?


downtown guy said...

I take zines to big punk and oi shows and hand them out for free, but that may not count.

Barry Rowell said...

I've never tried it but you'd have to be a Big Ol' Barnum to get away with it more than a couple of times... unless your audience finds that what you offered was at least as enjoyable as the originally anticipated reward would have been. Of course, we all hope our art is MORE enjoyable (and believe that it truly is, if only those philistines would give it a chance). However, we all pretty much know from experience that the art of most everyone else is actually less enjoyable even though they think it's more enjoyable which means that one of us is wrong... but which one? I'm voting that it's the other guy...

RVCBard said...

I think the current term is "guerilla marketing."

In either case, the scenario I tend to think of is if the promotions are more interesting than the show.

That would suck.