Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plays I'd Like See


US National Guard Units have been deployed in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan State where a disenfranchised populace has advocated Succession from the Union. Their rationale for this is that the government has already refused to recognize their legitimacy as Americans due to denying them a right to vote in both the previous 2008 election as well as potentially in 2012 due to their foreclosures. After the economic collapse of 2009, foreclosure in the state of Michigan was at an all time high of 19%. One in Five homes were foreclosed and even though a number of Michiganders were still in residence at these properties, Republican advocates challenged their right to vote in certain districts claiming that they were legally non-residents in those districts.

Reportly the UPPM (Upper Peninsula Michigan Militia) and US National Guard Forces are at a statemate. Neither party will disarm. Nor has either party made any significant offensive stance. The Governor of Michigan made it clear in a statement - "If I or any other government representatives order military action against fellow Americans over the issue at hand, then everybody loses. What should have been sorted out as electoral discrepancy turns into civil war. I will not order or communicate an order to troops to engage in any explicit offensive act. However, I will also not tolerate any sort of armed aggression towards our troops either. make no mistake, even though I will not fire the first shot... I will not tolerate aggression towards our soldiers. They have standing orders to defend themselves if the UPMM takes any sort of aggressive action." The UPMM has made similar statement. The problem of course is with so many heavily armed parties in such close proximity and emotions running so high, how long can a cease fire be sustained?

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