Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Plays I'd Like To See

A continuing performance series entitled FOUR YEARS FROM NOW. The premise is a series of shorts and one acts dramatizing forecasts based upon projections of possible outcomes of current social/political/civic action/events/discourse.

Example -

From their ocean based studio fleet, recently constituted GNN aka Google News Network conducts an interview with the former press secretary of Madame President Palin about chronic flooding in the regions of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana since the Gulf of Mexico has had to sustain 2 to 3 hurricanes annually that reach category 3. Among the items discussed, President Palin's joint border patrol/interstate irrigation projects. Structures that act both as a system of perimeter to keep out newly converted Mexican Muslim Extremists while also acting as a system of levees for this recently too often submerged region.

Anyone else have an interesting synopsis for a short play/one act for such a series?(satirical, serious, hyperbolic, realistic)?


Tony Adams said...

They watched the world burn with their arms folded. Now a group of fence sitters have run out of marshmellows and beer. The campfire needs attending. Can they muster the courage to move?

Devilvet said...


Can we add the Goodyear Blimp overhead telling them "the fundamentals of the campsite are sound"?

Tony Adams said...

That's be one hell of a deus ex machina