Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Thoughts

Today I see pictures from Galveston TX while I hear government appointees still vying for unregulated bailout.

It is frightening how close the Apocalypse could be in this country. We could in a matter of months have no infrastructure what so ever turning the federal government into something more of an abstraction rather than an actual governing body.

Question, how would any of this be playing out in a non-election year? The situation is serious, but why so serious these past 2 weeks?

On the floor of Wall Street trade, is there an actual straw that falls and break the back of the economy like the proverbial camel?

I started reading more than just headlines today about the crisis, and it seems that beneath it all there is so much more than merely unchecked greed. Underneath all of it, I fear there is the demon of war, a vicious force that seems in check by the veil of civilization, but can't the veil of civilization be torn asunder in a world of unchecked fear and aggression?

It seems that there are policies based upon cultural mouths actually suggesting that it is fault of minorities and banks that lend to minorities...

Who knows of new tools that we will need to survive... is our civilization potentially at risk here?

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