Thursday, September 11, 2008

Whatever?!!!! WHATEVER?!!!

It is not essential that we find vitriol every day or even once a week (although I am not opposed to vitriol).

It is not imperative that we weight in on ever item brought up by every article writer pining for some provocation (although I am not against provocation)

If we can not share our struggle with each other, can we then at the very least find more effective and more fulfilling ways to share our joy?

What is so troubling to me is the vast silences where once there was a cacophony of noise related to the thing I love.

You don't have to write me a monologue every night about the shows you are working on, or the progress you are making in your writing or projects...

But, I would love the equivalent of a postcard, more often.

So, I will echo Scott Walters at the very least in this... As of late, I have wanted more (yes even from myself). There has been a sharp drop in both content online about our various projects, hopes, and dreams as of late... as well as seeming less engagement with each other.

No condemnation from the devilvet....more of a plea... give me more... especially from the folks I haven't heard from lately.


Scott Walters said...

Whatever. ;-)

Did you like the kitty I posted for you?

Scott Walters said...

P.S. I'm not calling for more vitriol -- I'm calling for more rigorous, non-lazy THOUGHT.

However, unlike you, I am not interested in what people are working on unless they can tell me why what they're working on has a larger application than just that they're doing it. Even if it is just some rehearsal technique that might help somebody else.

Devilvet said...


I hated the cat. Seriously...


You say Divine Fury, Don qoutes Churchill...I use the word vitriol.

If you aren't looking for vitriol, than can you at the least admit you seem to keep finding it in between the silences? Shouting certain words like "lazy" "tedious" or using terms like "get off the blogosphere"

Like Olbermann said "you might have meant arrogant, but you said uppity"

Also, you are correct in your assessment that i do not require or insist that people post about their progress or their projects only when they have the ability to contextualize them for the readership. Whereas that is a great thing...sometimes it is ok to merely talk about our day, like we would around the dinner table, and allow dicussion to arrise from that.

Granted, there has been less of even this sort of engagement, but the insistence that one has to achieve a certain sort of universal or regional or whatever sort of relavancy can sound elitist (I'm not calling you that) and it can serve to shut people up more so than get them talking.

I want the same things you do when it comes to the theatrosphere. I just think you skipped past barking and went straight to biting this time.

And dude...I hate that kitten.

Scott Walters said...

Man! After all the effort I went to to find a kitten picture, that's the thanks I get.

I'm glad you raised the image of Keith Olberman. In the face of quotidian mass media politeness, Olberman stand up and delivers stem winders that comes out and calls a spade a spade in no uncertain terms. His intention, it seems to me, is to break through the stultifying politeness that prevents real debate. That is my intent as well.

I am not seeking vitriol, but I using vitriol (some might call it passion) to provoke some simple, human engagement. Members of the theatrosphere are so holier-than-thou about how they are rebels, but they are rebels like McCain is a maverick: their rebellion is self-serving and pointed at very safe targets. I am calling for some real rebellion.

As far as shutting down, what I am seeing are some people who have apparently read the "how to increase your blog hit counts" books and are posting short, contentless posts with links simply for the sake of keeping traffic up. I'm not saying shut up, just don't talk unless you have something to say. There was a review of the original production of "The Star-Spangled Girl" that said something like "Neil Simon didn't have an idea for a play this year, but he wrote one anyway." The same criticism could be aimed at way too many blog posts.

I don't see blogging as being electronic dinner table chit-chat, especially in such critical times as these. I think we need to hold peoples' feet to the fire and insist on actual thinking.

How do you feel about dog pix?

Paul Rekk said...

What is that rule that says that if you follow any internet argument long enough it will lead to someone being compared to Hitler?

There should also be one defining the exact formula to discover the amount of time between the recurring periods in which users denounce whatever online community they are a part of as having grown boring compared to how it 'used to be'. And then, of course, an inverse formula to find the length of time before they return to things as they 'used to be' and perhaps always were.

Devilvet said...

"I don't see blogging as being electronic dinner table chit-chat, especially in such critical times as these. I think we need to hold peoples' feet to the fire and insist on actual thinking."

Ultimately, each Blog is about what the blogger wants it to be. Period. So, use the tool the way you want... but again... Your passion is not being confused for vitriol here. It is vitriol.

So, I will say I disagree that blog cant even be a dinner table... I understand that isnt what you want. I see room from both.

The problem I see is that as of late we are getting a lot less of any kind of substantive theatre talk whether it is passionate rebel rousing or mannered conservative table talk/introspection.

Devilvet said...

It used to be that if people weren't having the sorts of conversation I enjoyed about theatre in the blogs, at least there was some talk about theatre, aside from 'come see my show' (promotion is not bad, it just is not enough)

So, I will echo that there is not enough talk online right now in our theatrosphere and I'll say that if people just start talking again with greater frequency then, I think the debates and contention and passion will roll out despite it all.

Scott Walters said...


vitriol: "abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will"

I was OK until that last phrase. No deep-seated ill will here, just a sense that people are not living up to their potential.