Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Fellow Prisoners - John McCain is a...

Sept 25th, one of my fellow bloggers Issac posted the following title - John McCain, Grandstanding Coward. Malachy Walsh, got on a few of us for using the word Coward when referring to a candidate who spent 5 years in a POW camp. But, today the McCain camp and John McCain did the most cowardly thing a veteran possibly could do. He hid behind his wife. By letting his wife speak the brunt of his camp's criticism regarding votes for funding the war, John McCain hid behind the slim frame of his spouse. How does Barack Obama or Joe Biden respond to Cindy McCain without seeming to talk in a lowly derogatory fashion about a candidate's wife. Cindy McCain is off limits. Neither Democrat can directly address such a rebuke on a national or state. This wasn't something she said during an interview. It was on the stump with her husband only 5 feet away. The real high blood pressure moment here is that McCain himself has voted down funding for troops. Did Cindy McCain get a shock through her system then? Did Johnny have to sleep on the couch for endangering his own son? Ridiculous.

I can not help but feel vindicated in my original appraisal of this republican candidate's character. No matter what he was in 2000, not matter how much he bled in, October 9th... John McCain became a COWARD.

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downtown guy said...

You know, right now Obama and Biden are basically saying "say it to my face at the debate or shut the fuck up". Which I think is a great tactic - either he's got to accuse Obama in public and to his face of stuff that went on when he was 8 or he looks like the cowardly bully he's turning out to be.

I'm pretty sure that being captured in war does not mean one can't be a coward or a bully or an idiot.