Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pointless Post

I love coffee. I really do. Even though I think it might, in this global market, be about as demonized a commodity as petrol. I don't know if I could, especially on cold winter day go without coffee. This recognition of how important coffee truly is to my existence has become prominent in my mind due to the fact that Chicago has certainly seen its last day approaching 70 degrees probably till April 2009.

Cold weather requires coffee. Strong coffee and even sometimes classic country music as well. The smell of Gold Coast Blend filling the apartment while Johnny Cash sings Ring of Fire, is one of the few things that can get me out from under the covers.

What are your favorite coffee blends and country songs? Weigh in ya SOBs. Take a break from the cam-pain. Tell me yer caffeinated poison?


Barry Rowell said...

I have the advantage of living only a few blocks from a Porto Rico Coffee ( here in NYC: every week they have dozens of wonderful roasts and blends available for the discriminating palate. Current favorite would have to be a Vienna roasted Nicaraguan bean.

And the country song? "Time to Get a Gun" by Fred Eaglesmith, no question.

Director said...

Love country, hate coffee. Wish I liked it, but I don't. Ah well.

Fremodada said...

At Trader Joes, they have the Winter Blend back. Good, good, good stuff. Spicy.

My parents one time brought me a pound of kona back from Hawaii. Best coffee I've ever had, hands down. And in Chicago, its $18 a pound.