Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I Can Not Vote For Any Republican this time (maybe never again).

I have been hesitating to get too into it online, and penning up all that has probably made this post look more like a rant than anything else, but when trying to figure out why I was so moved by Obama's 30 minute presentation...I realized it was due to the deep seated dismay and depression that has quite literally possessed so many of us since W and the Republicans not only stole a election, but also stole the character and collective spirit I was led to believe embodied that which was freedom, liberty, and the best of all that is American. Obama is (in a way that any Clinton could not due to that little blue dress BS) representing fundamental change in how a leader of the Free World acts. And it leaves W and the recently refabricated McWain in W's image so totally lacking in the poise and expressiveness necessary much less the morale, stamina, and dignity.

The past eight years have been something like a possession. I am an American and to a certain degree I am as we all are, even if dissenting, inexorable bound to our elected leaders.

It started off with an ex-president's son, coddled during the Vietnam war in a way that only the blueblood can provide, a C grade student, cocaine user, and perpetual bumbler being able to two step into the nomination of the Republican party using dirty Rovian Tactics while relying upon a disheartened population still stuck trying to figure out the definition of 'is'. He then takes, or better yet usurps the presidency from the will of the majority of the populace (thanks to a ridiculous paradigm called the electoral college, chads, and Daddy's Judicial appointments).

Then after W is in office the list of problems grows and grows.

Ignoring his own intelligence debriefing warnings about imminent attacks.
Lying to the American Populace about WMDs.
Torture and the defense of torture at Abu Grahib and on "American Soil" at Guantanamo
Rummy's total botching of the first act of the War on Terror
Letting Osama Bin Laden get out of Tora Bora
Pardoning AT&T for invading the privacy of American Citizens and our soldiers.
No Bid contracts for Halliburton
The elimination of our economic surplus

on and on and on...

And how is John McCain and Sarah Palin supposed to correct the ship that Bush and every Republican who assisted his administration blew so dangerously off course?

No. No to McCain. Hell No, to Sarah Palin.

The perhaps irreparable damage between and the Republican party is that McCain, probably the only Republican I could have voted into office is or was John 2000. But, that moderate has turned into everything I am in opposition to.

A coward who has at times hid behind his own wife's defamatory stumps... A hypocrite who whines about Barack breaking a promise to accept Federal Funding when McCain broke his promise to run a clean campaign... A bottomfeeder who used not only the same tactics, but the same team who used lies and robo calls to eliminate him from nomination in 2000... And, the final straw would be the total mindlessness of picked Sarah Palin, the Abigail Williams (remember your Arthur Miller?) of Red State Occult-Terrorism-Socialism-Mongering.

Where they find fear they fan it, where they find intelligence they abhor and insult it. Till today, I say Tom Delay (are you kidding me) as one of the few remaining republicans who will go on air and say Barack=Evil...McCain=Good.

If McCain was the man I thought he was, he would have left the party of Torture and become an independent.

Anyway enough rant...I wont pretend that I am anything other than 'in the tank' so heads up any Nobama or pro McCain rebuttals from trollers who somehow googled and got here wont make it into my comments on this post. But, if you feel as I do... I don't mind you choosing to share that. Tomorrow back to Art.

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