Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Can We...?

Can we make ourselves more available? To whom?

To schools
To civic efforts in our communities
To our fellow artists
To those who crave some sense of mentoring
To each other as sounding boards and shoulders of support

To children who need guidance
To an older generation that we cant afford to let future past by



RebeccaZ said...

Yes we can.

For the last few weeks ... even while I was pregnant ... I've been thinking about areas that give me hope or where I can give hope. And accountability. And aid. And succor.

And, I don't think I can do so with theatre anymore. I like theatre. But I realized it was a selfish endeavor and I surrounded myself with a lot of selfish people. It's the nature of the business.

I'm honestly thinking of going into medicine these days and truly giving something to people who truly need it most. The world seems different to me. And this day makes the past seem pale and unimportant.

It's a new day. And a new age. A second enlightenment.

It feels good.


Tony Adams said...