Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NaNoWriMo 2009 excerpt

I thought that last month was going to be my last month. You follow? My last month on earth that is, or at the least above the dirt.

You are not supposed to start off a story by saying anything too confusing, but what else can I do. My life is pretty confusing lately, and it requires a painful amount of pre-planning to get the words out in a way that wont turn off an egg head or a worm riddled brain. I don't know who I am actually putting all of this down onto paper for anyway. But, I think the only way I am going to be able to get it all out, is if I write it the same way I would speak it, and just trust that you'll stay tuned, stay in the moment, or let go and accept the confusion the chaos in the manner I had to. In the manner, that I am still forced to ingest the minutes, the moments, the events that make up my life.

Last month I woke up next to a prostitute. This was not an entirely unique way of starting my day. I often greeted the dawn in the company of a prostitute, a woman who lease for a short period of time parts of her anatomy for temporary occupancy. But this makes one question just when is a woman a prostitute, is she always a pro? Or is she only one during the agreed upon length of the lease? Is she a pro when she is in the company of one with whom she has not reached a lease agreement? Even if said person is occupying a part of the woman say as a guest? Mostly, my mornings were not the result of a business transaction so much as a social transaction. Am I still a John if rather than an agreed upon amount of money, I instead often goods and services. Instead I offer favors. Instead a garner introductions. I act as a sort of matchmaker between various folks who are in desperate need? I know this makes me sound like a pimp. But pimps are better fed than me. I know quite a few pimps. They usually have more style, less worry, and cleaner teeth than me.

So back to the woman I woke up next to and why that morning was different than all the others before and since. You see when I wake up, the woman usually wakes up too. But not this time. This time she didn't wake up.

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RebeccaZ said...

I like it very much - you're an excellent writer, DV ... and, while I saw it was entitled as a NANO excerpt, the first paragraph gave my system a start ... so that's great!