Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So I have been taking a little break from the Clay Continent Graphic Novel
Project. Here's why (one of the reasons why). After closing the show in
April, we took a number of photos for publicity sake, but none of these
were shot with the intent of using the images specifically for a graphic
novelization. At first, I was invigorated at the challenge of having
roughly 300 photos of the actors in make-up and using that as elements of
composition for the comic. But, that notion has over the past 6 months
sort of cooled for me.

During this same period of time, I have been working hard on storyboards for the MEATLOCKER graphic novel (which we start shooting in December). Getting to conceptualize how I want the images to layout has been a real jolt to my system when it comes to how to tell a specific story in multiple mediums in tandem. Having spent alot of time figuring how to tell the story on the page in script form, was
significantly different from the journey I am still in the midst of when
it comes to figuring out how to tell the story in image form on the page.
So while I have been wrestling with that, it has been increasingly
difficult to bring myself to a pile of promotional photos and try yet once
again to figure out a new way to lay out the images of Jekyll, Hyde, and
Utterson while keeping everything fresh for me and the audience. Let's be
real here, I want you all to like it, but in the is sort of for
me...I don't mind sharing it. In fact sharing it is one of the primary
ways in which I interface with the world.

So how to move forward? Well, I think I am going to take a break from
forcing the Clay Continent narrative onto the images and instead sort of
go back to working the images into poster form and see how that feeds my
imagination. After some time with that, I'll storyboard Clay Continent and
then I am going to get the actors together again and actually shoot them
for the purposes of the graphic novelization.

I am very excited to finally be shooting for the MEATLOCKER graphic novel.
When I got back from my trip to Seattle, wanted to make sure that I would
be able to hit the ground running after the Thanksgiving holiday. And, I
think that the Mammals are going to be able to do that. Photoshoots in
December with more in January... Auditions in January for a whole host of
new projects in 2009. I feel like I am almost about to recover the
artistic ground I lost when I retreated from the Chicago Theatre Scene in

Among the projects that I will be involved in (or hope to be involved) are

THE MEATLOCKER - Graphic Novelization and Stage Production TBA Fall/Winter 2009

SEVEN SNAKES - A workshop production of a new play based upon my 2005 NaNoWriMo writings

DREAM JOURNAL OF DR JEKYLL - Unable to shelve my obsession with the Jekyll and Hyde story, the Mammals are fashioning a new piece around the conceitthat a "collector" has purchased from a corrupt cop a journal found at the site of Jekyll's supposed murder

DEVILS DON'T FORGET - The second play in my Noir Triptych (THE MEATLOCKER and BREED WITH ME are the accompanying pieces of the Triptych)

HOPPER PROJECT - WNEP will hopefully soon make some sort of announcement when this performance will happen. (Prediction BTW- It will be one of the best things ever)

RAW - more WNEP Write Club Goodness.

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