Tuesday, December 02, 2008

David Lykins as Manny Angelo

This weekend we, the Mammals, start shooting for the graphic novel, The Meatlocker. I am pretty excited about finally getting this project off its feet. I am still tinkering with the look of the book, but I am gravitating to the look above. The novel will be black and white. I would like to make the image look a little more as if the image was from a film still. But, I am very satisfied with the intensity of the look.

Yesterday, I met with Sarah Elizabeth who is our costume designer for the Graphic Novel as well as the stage production next fall. Having her on board has been such a positive thing. She has a great eye, and wonderful positive energy. She is also coming up with make-up ideas. Two of our characters are very grotesque, at least that is what we are going for. So, this weekend we will see how much of that will be madeup before the photoshoots and how much I'll need to paint onto the images we shoot.

I've been sort of assistant directing WNEP's Dada show, uncredited, and that has been a blast. But, I am so ready for a new Mammal project. Here's to Sunday. Wish us luck!

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RebeccaZ said...

Mucho luck! It looks great!