Sunday, December 14, 2008

David Lykins as Manny Angelo

We've had three photoshoots thus far for the MEATLOCKER graphic novel. That will be it for the remainder of the calendar year. We've gotten a lot of great shots, and now the next step is for me to see what we have thus far in comparison to the storyboards.

I've scanned in original storyboards into the computer. Then I create a word document with the storyboard and prospective photos I think could be used for each frame of the graphic novel. Once that is done, I'll begin the process of actually photoshopping the images and creating each page, taking note of any pick up shots I may need to finish the story.

Originally we were doing longer sessions up to five hours. But, I got to tell you that started to really wear everybody out. I think no more than 3 hours now.

I plan to pepper this site with concept art from the Graphic Novel, but I'm going to wait to start posting the actual story until the whole graphic novel is complete and available at or comparable self publishing site.

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Robert McBride said...

Hey man, speaking of Lulu...I wrote my Mom a book about my childhood for her birthday and published it through Lulu. What a great website!! Here is the link if you want to see it:

By the way...I was in my local WalMart Neighborhood Market the other morning (I usually go between 3:00 and 4:00 am...when the "special people" are working), and they said since I came there so often would i like to work there? I turned my head and just shied could I possibly explain to them that I once made a vow to never work where i worship?

R McBride