Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Weekend - Theatre Theatre Theatre

Friday Night

I went to go see New Leaf Theatre's Touch. I highly recommend it. The gang at New Leaf have created something superlative, and even though I have a few issues with the writing in the second act, this is most definitely a performance not to be missed. Dan Granata will move you in way we as audience members rarely are moved in the theatre. And just like a pitcher who threw a no-hitter, most of glory will go to Dan, but he has a excellent cast to work with who seem to effortlessly enable the story. Kudos New Leaf.

Saturday Night

We did a small photoshoot for THE MEATLOCKER graphic novel. David Lykins had to brave the snowy streets from just shy of Wisconsin to come down to C-town. Mary Jo Bolduc was there as well. I am still learning the best way to get the shots we need. Sometimes, I just ask the actors to talk to one another and shoot while that happens. Sometimes we do a little improvisation while I shoot. Sometimes I am acting like Austin Powers shouting "Yeah baby! Yeah!". In many ways it is so freeing to work in a medium that is novel to you. But, at other times it can be difficult since you are used to feeling some degree of certainty in the medium of which you are familiar. Losing and then regaining your balance though seems to be the other way to push yourself, challenge, learn, grow. All in all, we got some amazing shots. I love these actors' faces.

Sunday Night

Auditions for the New Year and all the new projects. I was informed by a few folks that the call we put out might be perceived by some to be too much. We asked folks to have the standard two contrasting pieces, but we also asked them to be able to share with us something that they had created art, text, something that could show us the sort of artist that they are or that they are striving to become. I suppose that due to preconception of what a general audition should be, the question was are the Mammals asking for more than most are accustomed to give? Well, we sat through 5 hours of auditions and I have to say that most the folks we saw came in bringing their 'A' game.

Since we are a smaller gang, we were able to in this venue give the actors more than 2 minutes each. We probably gave each of them 10 minutes to perform, share, and talk. As a tiny budget non equity company that isn't always able to compensate all the participants financially, I think it is important to be be aware during an audition whether or not this individual is someone you want to spend 40 hours in a room with. That question is almost as important as what they show me during their monologues. I wanted to see people who were prepared not only to give a monologue, but who could communicate to me their passion and specific vision/dreams/hopes about their life as artists. And, we got alot of folks who stepped up to the plate wonderfully.

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