Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last Week

Last week I Got to see Halycon's The Other Shore. Tony has quite the throw down going on over it.

I also got to watch In The Zone (Zona de Guerra) at the Goodman. Great Show which BTW opened up with a great dream sequence, something we talked about last week. Thanks to Keenan for talking me into seeing it.

RE: O'Neill Fest - I am very pleased with what Goodman O'Neill Fest has thus far done. I didn't get to see Emperor Jones, but I did catch it years ago when I lived in NY with Kate Valk and Willem Defoe. The thing I love about the Wooster Group's production is that it is nearly impossible to watch it and not talk about race. If the same thing happened in a book or a movie, you wouldn't get the immediate need that this piece elicits. It forces the viewer to confront their racial barometer. Anyway, it sounds like it did so once again from what I've heard from folks at the talk back. I do wish we got to see more of the Wooster Group here in Chicago. I'd love for them to Stein's Dr Faustus Lights the Lights.

Also had callbacks for the Mammals DEVILS DON'T FORGET. Almost have the cast complete and I am very excited for this production.

And... I was brought on board the Side Project's next New Play Fest. I am directing a short 10 page play by Chris Kelley entitled The Torture Chamber (I know...I know). I haven't met Chris, but it is a twisted tale that I am really looking forward to working on.

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Tony Adams said...

mostly a little old-fashioned showman ship :)

I'm bummed I missed In The Zone. I'm hoping to catch Bound East For Cardiff, I think that's my favorite of the Sea Plays.

Funny, but the big old broadway bound Dennehy Desire just doesn't seem as enticing to me.