Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Anyone familiar with Brendan Behan?

I am struggling to get through his collected plays. Quare Fellow right now. Page after page and nothing is happening...ughhh! Does it get any better as it goes?


Paul Rekk said...

I have not, but I'm always perversely curious when people have bad reactions to playwrights. Are we talking minimalist nothing happening or talky nothing happening or trite nothing happening?

Devilvet said...

Well, I read the intro by Alan Simpson who is the dude who apparently discovered Behan, and he mentions twice how Behan can be repetitive with no distinct rising action. As a result I'm like 20 pages into the Quare Fellow, everything has been repeated like 3 times and with like 5 books going on at once it is hard to keep bringing myself back to Behan. So I was wondering if anybody thought there was a significiant pay off.