Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Are Things Getting Better?! Fruits of our Labor?!!

Nick on Conversion - aka ... is all this energy put into the theatrosphere paying off?

Just in case you skip the comments, here is what I think...

How do we know if we are making a change for the better? I have to say I am feeling it already.

It has to do with using social media to get more (drum roll) social. Some of us have been using this thing to create real connections, to enable conversation rather than sound bites. We have be talking to each other both online and in person.

That happened because of the blogosphere and other social media outlets.

But many out there aren’t even convinced that the social media revolution is going to take hold, or that it is worth the trouble. How many of us have hear people ask doubtfully “So ,should I look into Twitter?” hoping you’ll say…nah, it’s no big deal.

I know some out there who view this whole social media mode of distribution and communication with contempt. I’m not talking about senior citizens who’ve never touched a mouse in their life, I’m talking about 20 and 30 somethings who feel some sort of burden now that they have all these places in which to check and see if they are in anyone’s thoughts.

I am talking about folks who don’t like getting a 5 facebook reminders, myspace bulletins, twitter, email, every 3 days about a show coming up.

I would argue that such inundation is not the best way to convert keystrokes into action. You must promote, yes. But, sometimes you have to let enough time pass, give me an opportunity to forget the last post before you hit me with another…. OK back to the point which is…

Even though these social media have definitely opened up a venue for more and more noise to fill the void, they have also opened up opportunities to talk to connect, and that is just as likely to get me to come to someone’s show as being told for the tenth time, that some reviewer liked or didn’t like the piece.

I am currently going to be directing at least 5 projects this year. Last year, I directed one. That is conversion.

Not only am I seeing more shows, i am seeing them with more people, more friends, which leads to more communication more debate and is enriching my life. This weekend, I am going to see Hairy Ape with at least 3 other friends, all of which I either met online though the blogosphere or have recently reconnected with as a result of a project again tied to the social media. Even if we can not see the degrees of separation that convert talk, posts, and twitts into action. It is happening. It is a good thing, and It will proceed so long as we do.

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