Thursday, February 26, 2009

House's Rose and the Rime

So, I saw my first House Theatre show tonight. After having read Don's take on the House again and again, I was prepared to see a spectacle, but I wasn't expecting much more than that. Whereas, I find the whole "Fight Evil" vibe a little too precious for me, and I was turned off by that whole email campaign fiasco... I have to say that the folks at House put on a really good show. I enjoyed The Rose and the Rime, and would recommend it to anyone. It got a little too cutesy-poo for my taste at certain parts (I thought I was going to go into diabetic shock with all the bunny imagery bunny sock puppets bunny hopping)...but the fairy tale they told was compelling, cyclical, and had enough requisite dark moments (truer to the the original tone of many fairy tale traditions) that I was quite sated as I left. One of the better children's theatre productions I have seen as of late. Even though I am of the mind that as an adult sometimes you want to put childish things aside, I have to say... good job.

It has been brought to my attention that some people think my calling House's show a children's show was some dig. Absolutely not. Children's theatre is a worthy pursuit and in that regard, this show was very very good... (deep breath....and...that's that)

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