Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More theatre than I can shake a stick at!

Another Big Busy Weekend Planned

More theatre! I am going to go see TUTA's Maria's Field this Thursday. I have met all the TUTA folks (way long ago, they wont remember), but I have never seen one of their pieces. The review in Timeout leads me to believe that this will be a really good one to make my first TUTA stage experience.

Saturday, is another full day (good thing). We have a read thru of all the one acts at the Side Project (excellent). Then it is Right Brain Project's They Put Handcuffs on Flowers by Arrabal. It is a rare thing to get to see an Arrabal play, and the previous work I've seen of RBP has certainly pleased me greatly!

And another thing, I am digesting more theatre than I have in long while, but it isn't just theatre that jazzes one. I am also trying to get in as much interesting cinema as possible too. In that regard, I am lucky to live in a town where you have a Film Center like the Gene Siskel. Tonight I am going to see Empire of Passion which from its description sounds just like my sort of thing (Noir merged with the Supernatural).


Paul Rekk said...

I love Nagisa Oshima! I'm thinking he might be right up your alley. That's the one thing I regret about the amount of theatre I'm seeing -- it's all but replaced the amount film I was seeing. I used to be a regular at the Siskel.

Devilvet said...

Empire of Passion was incredible. I got my brain cooking while I was watching it. Excellent stuff. I think my next film there will be The Sun's Burial. The synopsis is just too intriguing to miss.

Paul Rekk said...

I've got Boy, Ceremony, Death By Hanging, The Man Who Left His Will On Film, and Diary of a Shinjuku Thief on DVD if you're ever looking to delve further.

Devilvet said...