Monday, February 09, 2009

ThingsI'dSeeIfIWereThere (Sort of FavoriteThing(s)ThisWeek)

Richard Foreman and John Zorn. Man, this takes me back. I would love to see this. Both these guys were so important to my awakening to so many things back while I was in school.

John Zorn... I was trying to get as acquainted with the Jazz section at every record I could find in Central Florida. Now we are talking about the last days before the onslaught of the Internet. This was the time when attempting to familiarize yourself with a genre or even the breath of work of an individual artist required significantly more footwork. So, as I was looking for new Coltrane, Davis, Monk, and Yellowjackets (why do I feel a little embarrassment at the Yellowjakcets?) I came across John Zorn's Naked City CD. The cover was one of Weegee's, a man face down on the cement with a pistol just out of reach, his nose obliterated. I was overwhelmed, smitten at the prospects and I hadn't even heard a note. Of course, the album was excellent, one of the few times I can recall the experience of having heard something unlike anything else I had up til that point (except for maybe Charles Ives).

Richard Foreman.... before I got a chance to see one of his shows, I had passed up his book Unbalancing Acts again and again in the bargain bin at Books-A-Million. I had stared at the cover with Kate Davy concealing herself behind a handkerchief. I had picked it up a couple of time and attempted to jump right into the scripts, picking the one with the title that seemed the most appealing to me Film is Evil, Radio is Good. knowing nothing about Foreman's aesthetics (I hadn't even heard of Bertolt Brecht at this point) I could make nothing out of the script. And so the book fell back into bargain bin, even though that cover with Kate Davy seemed so intriguing.

Then later I finally saw a Foreman show, The Universe with Tony Torn, James Urbaniek, and alot of dwarfs. This was during my first week ever in NYC. I loved the show so much I saw it twice.

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