Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Big Bags You've Got Under Your Eyes

Touch of insomnia last night. Fighting off the bad weather ailments put me off my timer a bit. Now I have to conduct a rehearsal with about 2 hours sleep. It has happened before. Thankfully not too often. The busy time is here. Rehearsal tonight, figuring out the rest of the rehearsal schedule for Devils Don't Forget, prepping for yet again another set of auditions this weekend, all the while trying to have some sort of social life and continue my commitment to see and do as much culturally as possible. At this very moment it is like emulating Atlas, Sysiphus, Prometheus, or any other tortured titan you can think of. I find solace in the knowledge that fatigue comes and goes. This exhaustion too shall pass, get a good night's sleep tonight and do the work that is put in front of you. Still, I'd love to have a pill that turns off that mosquito like buzzing that happens in a limbo like space a millimeter in front of the bridge of my nose.

Did a rewrite last night. That was unexpected but pleasant, rewarding. Now I have to hold out hope the gentleman who requested it still will want to produce it. I also began two new short scenes. Inspired as of late but my friend Joe. I am not going to commit to a new sketch every day, but I am going to use his example to reignite my commitments to produce and write daily.

Thinking about how much my life has changed in the past 4 months. It is a good thing. Fate lit a fire under my arse, even though I've acclimated to the heat, I must remain diligent when it comes to making the most of this life.

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