Friday, March 06, 2009

Do you have a spare moment to talk theatre, life, etc?

So I have been drinking deeply from the cup of life lately. It has made my life wonderful. It has also meant that I wonder if I'll ever have free time again. I am sure that I will, but hyperbole aside... It would be great to sleep in on the weekends again.

Some of the things I've been up to lately.

Seeing stuff!

Tonight - Watchmen!

Saw Timeline's Not Enough Air. It was my first Timeline show since 1999 when I first came into the city. I guess I always had a warm feeling when I thought of them because PJ Powers was pretty decent to me when I first came to Chicago. The show was very impressive, and my buddy Mary Jo Bolduc (soon to be a character in THE MEATLOCKER graphic novel) was understudy.

Tomorrow I get to see Strange Interlude at the Goodman. This will complete my O'Neill Fest experience. Aside from Emperor Jones (which I saw way back in the day at the Wooster's Performance Garage anyway) I will have attended the entire fest. I am so sorry to see it end, like a big fat novel one enjoys over a couple of months and realizes there are only 20 pages til it is finished. I hope to write something comprehensive about how impressive this festival was, and why I hope the Goodman will continue this sort of programming.

Next week I've be checking out the Puppetry & Toy theatre events at Building Stage and hopefully getting to see The White Airplane by Darren Callahan (a friend to the Mammals).

Last weekend, I sat through a total of 16 hours of auditions between 2 days (you try that!). I also saw Mourning Becomes Electra (awesome) as well as attending the first House Show I've ever seen, Rose and the Rime.


Right now we are trying to find a replacement for a friend who had to drop out of the next Mammals show Devils Don't Forget. Also, I am beginning to write preliminary notes for Right Brain Project's summer show. This Sunday morning is callbacks for Halcyon's Alycone Fest. I am directing Blessed Child by Astrid Saalbach (an amazing play). After that zooming over to Don's for WNEP company meeting (I am a recently inducted company member), and after footing it to the Side Project for Production Meetings for Atom Smashers part of the Cut to the Quick Play Festival.




you can imagine

I am exhausted. But, it is a good sort of exhausted. However, today I have started looking at the calendar and penciling in "Free Time" on various dates (times where I don't have to be anywhere and where I will not schedule to be anywhere other than in front of the TV, or enjoying air conditioning at the Movies, or sitting in the Starbucks reading, or trying to cultivate my personal life. You know that sort of thing. But, it is wonderful to be in this sort of place right now. Wonderful that the weather is turning, baseball is on the TV... I am ready for this to be the best Summer yet!

Bring on the warmth!


Paul Rekk said...

I'm with you, pal... I'm taking my first real "free time" extended break in about a year in Late April, and even that includes a low-impact theatrical project, a week of best man duties for my brother, and all in all only lasts about 2 months. My real life planner is under more of a time crisis than my 9 to 5 planner and I'm more or less booked through December. And I still wouldn't trade it for the world.

It's good to have less time than things to do when you honestly love every one of those things.

Tony Adams said...

30 days 3 hours 14 minutes till opening game of the season.

Devilvet said...

but with MLB.TV, MLB Channel (free on comcast shhh!) and the World Baseball Classic...I am watching baseball now...not 30 days from now

@paul rekk
You want to get something done? Give it to a busy person.

Dianna said...

i am UBER-curious of what you thought of "Watchmen".

Devilvet said...


well I dont usually do big review wrap ups of hollywood films like somebody we all know, but I will say that I enjoyed the movie alot. When life affords me an opportunity I'll reread the graphic novel. I thought the soundtrack was a little too precious, but the look, feel, etc was great. My favorite comment I heard about the movie was "Dr. Mahattan is all sausage and no potatoes". That made me laugh heartly.

It wasnt the most interesting film I saw this weekend. That award goes to Zift, which I'll probably write about more later in the week.