Monday, March 30, 2009

Fewer Artsy Posts it seems

The difficulty with continuing to post while so entrenched in a show, is
that every thought I have abut art is about the show. And so of the stuff
I am thinking about doesn't really need to be aired out. I don't have to
write extensive posts about production difficulties. Also, i don't want to
turn this blog into a place where i am constantly high fiving myself for
the public every time we have a good rehearsal. others have said it, and I
concur... it is sometimes easier to write about theatre when you are up in
your knees doing it.


devilvet said...

However, once the show is over. It expect to write alot about the process of it. How it was different or the same from previous endeavours, etc.


Tony Adams said...

I always seem to have way more ideas of stuff to write about when in production, but little time to write it.

The Director said...

I agree. Most of my thoughts about theatre lately are the kinds of things that should either stay to yourself or be shared in a private environment. The rest are things that are best kept under wraps til the show opens. I, too, expect to write a lot about the process after the show closes.