Friday, March 27, 2009

Layman's Blues aka Producing Rant

Trying to get these damn cards for the show has turned into this damn ridiculous task. The vendor sends me proofs with notes/instructions that the person on the phone admits are unclear. I can't make the required changes to the artwork until I get home to my computer where I have graphic design software installed. By then the vendor's office is closed, and lo and behold... today is day 3 that they tell me there is yet another problem with the artwork.

The whole thing could be solved with specific directions created for lay people who are the majority of folks who are going to be using a site like this anyhow. What all this means probably is that they wont go to print on the job until Monday which will delay my receiving the materials for a week! Still plenty of time to get the cards and get the word out. But, I am over it! This task should have been taken off the todo list Tuesday!

Producing rant over!


Tony Adams said...

Anything I can do to help?

Devilvet said...

Thanks, but not really. I have to add about 8 pixels to the border of the art or risk weird looking cut on the cards. The problem with the vendor is that the proofs say extend to one line, then the consultants say "no no that is wrong you have to extend past both that line and the other line as well. The whole thing is just so f'ing stupid. It is good they caught it, but the issue could have been avoided with clear instructions from them in the first place. i.e. dont put a line on the proofs with instructions about how the art relates to it, if your customer service reps have to constantly correct it. I think the whole thing is purposeful actual. I think it has to do with frustrating customers who have already bought the service into an additional $25 fixing fee.

Tony Adams said...

are they talking about the bleed and clear zones?

Is that what you're talking about?

Most printers are pretty awful with help for laymen.

What printer are you using if I could ask?

RebeccaZ said...

What company are you using?

Devilvet said...

Yep. First, they had me fix the safe area with instructions that if my bleed was past the cut line I'd be fine. Then they had someone else email me the next day to discuss the cut line saying I have to past the safe zone. Blah blah blah. I know it needs to get done, but the first set of instructions were contrary to the second set.

Printplace is the vendor.

RebeccaZ said...

That's frustrating. You could really throw a hissy fit (I've done so with our print place, (which is normally quite good, over a similar situation and demand that they give you free expedited shipping for delaying your arrival date on something that should be easily fixed. Say it's messing with your marketing plan and how crucial it is that you receive it immediately. Worked for me. =)