Monday, March 02, 2009

Rough Cut Fairy Tale (Scene 1 & 2)

Working on a bit of script for RBP right now. This is the first scribblings.

Scene One

(Two sisters Birdy and Turtle)

I’d like very much for this is light and easy

You don’t know the meaning of heavy and hard

I know you

Yeah? So?

You’re heavy and hard

I am turtle

I am not a turtle

You have been sitting on my shell

I’ve built a nest there

So you’re a bird

And, I bring you so many things

From your travels

Turtle is very stable, too stable to soar

Ha ha

Where would you get all the little objects if it weren’t for me

I’d have to learn to live without them

I could never do that

You don’t know that. You don’t know what you can and cant live with out because you’ve been giving everything you ever wanted

You sound bitter


What then

I’d just like to hear a thank you. You have these things because I let you nest on my back

Thank you…What? What?

Do you mean it?


Well, then can’t you say it like you mean it?

I did. If I mean it, I mean it, and it doesn’t matter how I say it.

Not true.

How should I say it

Say it slow and soft. Say it like a dandelion would


Forget it


Scene Two

(Rave. Snail Man walks over real slow. Looks at Birdy)

Put my finger in your mouth

(Birdy does)

How does it taste?

Slow, languid.

It tastes languid.

Slow spring bloom

Paint drying



That sound boring. This is not boring
Summer rain that wont hit the asphalt

It cant man. It cant. Why would it want to

I beat my wings and fly fly fly, but this is different

Float, like cool whip.

Give me your other finger

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Nathan R said...

Teehee... Color me intrigued. =)