Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rough Cut Fairy Tale (Scene 3)

Scene Three

(Turtle and Birdy at breakfast)

Relax please

Not now

But I need you too


I can't relax if you don't

I said not now

But, I should have some say when we relax


Because I am the one who tends the nest

I said Thank you

That's all? Thank you and good day to you whenever it suits your purpose

Stop whining

I tend this nest everyday

Do i have to thank you again and again over and over every morning?

Why not

How many times must I thank you

Is it really that hard? Really that much of a chore to thank me for the gifts I provide

It felt like a gift before all this

It is still a gift

No, a gift wouldn't have so much tedium attached. Gifts are for good times. Or they aren't gifts

The gift is for not good times. The gift is good times.

They why are you bringing me down?

Please I need you to do this

Kiss me bye. I'll be back whenever

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