Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rough Cut Fairy Tale (Scene 4)

Scene 4

(Birdy stuck outside Snailman's club, Man in a Box is there)

I can't get in

Why not. Can't they recognize a beauty when they see it?

Too full I guess

Can't they understand your unmistakable hotness

There's a cop squad waiting for a reason to run in there and roll some heads

Are they blind to divinity of your thighs, and holy cow that is some soft soft skin
Give me some space man

I got some space for ya, outer space for ya

Put your hands in your back pockets, then tell me more

This box is my club. It aint much from the outside, but step inside beautiful

(He tears off a piece of cardboard and puts it on his tongue)

Do as i do

Let me countdown first.

Countdown to launch. Launch to space.

10, 9, 8... Ok give me some of that box already

Show me your box. I'll show you mine.

I aint that into you

Well, then throw your pearls before the swine that wont let you inside cause they can recognize a beauty when they see it

Lookzy but No Touchzy

Alright, but I want a nice long look

Lets do this

Start the countdown over

(Birdy shows Boxman her box)

10, 9,8


7, 6, 5, 4,

(Birdy stops)

What happened

Houston, we have a problem


Not yet


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