Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Rough Cut Fairy Tale (Scene 5)

Scene Five

(Turtle and Birdy before dawn)

Why did you do it?

I thought he knew what he was doing

He is shabby unkempt ugly

The ugly ones are usually smart

Did he break anything

I'm resilient.

Don't go out tonight. Take a night off.

I don't have to go out tonight

You shouldn't let a box man like that rub himself all over you.

It was worth it?

How could it be worth it?

(Birdy pulls out a piece of cardboard)

I got this while he was moaning and groaning.

We shouldn't have that here in the nest

Relax. It's probably only a week's worth anyway

I don't like it

More for me

(Turtle starts crying)


It just breaks my heart thinking about all the dirty things you have to do to get cheap thrills

Ugh! It aint just a cheap thrill. It is life Turtle. This...this is real. This is living! I can't sit here and home and let you braid my hair forever. I aint old. You aint either. You ought to try a little, before it is too late and you aint nothing but walking dead.

I've seen what this stuff can do

Have you ever done it

(pause) No

Why did you pause?


You paused

No I didn't

Yes you did

I hiccuped


Yes! You've got me so upset! I always get hiccups when I'm upset!

I didn't see you hiccup

(She hiccups and bubbles over)

I'm going in the box

Fine! I'm going to bed

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