Friday, March 13, 2009

Rough Cut Fairy Tale (Scene Seven)

Seven Scene
(Turtle and Birdy discuss Turtle's day)

I saw a man today. I thought he was one of your men.

I only have one man.

Snail man, Box man...

The Box man is not 'my' man. He is just a man. So,

He was wearing an overcoat. I thought he might be some sort of serial rapist, child molester, or an exhibitionist at the very least

Did he flash you


Too bad. You could use a good flashing

He must have caught me looking at him, because he quite suddenly took a detour from what had to have been his route and started to follow me.

What did you do?

Well, at first I tried to ignore him. I told myself that it was all in my head, but then without being able to control myself I picked up my pace and then I could hear him picking up his pace behind me.

Where was this? Were you in a public area? Was it just the two of you?

That is probably why I didnt break into a sprint. That and I had the shell with me too. It was too heavy for me to be able to run.

You don't have to carry that thing on your back everywhere

Yes I do!

Anyway, what happened

Well, I was trying not to hyperventilate. I knew the street was full of other people, and I hoped that someone would have the decency to stop this man if he tried to do anything uninvited and lurid. I saw that there was a crosswalk ahead and that the light was turning yellow. So, I tried with all my might to speed up in the hopes that I could use the red light and oncoming traffic to seperate myself from this predator, but I couldnt get there in time. The onslaught of cars glued me to the curb. Then like he was beside me trying to pretend that he was oblivious to me, to my desire to be undisturbed, unmolested. He slowly reached for the button of his overcoat. His breathing became pronounced. He twisted evilly at the button unaware of his force til it popped off his chest like a cola cap. I could hear a slow fizzing soda pop sound. Something was shaking inside him fighting to push through his bottle top. His fingers toyed with the flaps of his jacket. I tried to scream but I couldn't. My throat wouldnt work. I clenched my fists preparing to beat off his advance. I closed my eyes. And then... nothing. I slowly opened my eyes and turned. His coat was wide open but all I could see was rows of pirated DVD hanging from the inside of his overcoat.

He was trying to sell you a movie

He was filthy. I got off lucky. He could have tried to force his carnality on me.

What world do you live in?

This world! Understand that? I live in this world! You're the one pumping her body full of chemicals to escape to another place!

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